Toy Sunday: Joy Buzzer

It’s the wind up novelty you wear like a ring… The joy buzzer. You can also read the great article from the comic coverage blog.

Toy Sunday: Concentration

Concentration was one of those funky games based on a TV Show.

All I remember from it is there was a spool of puzzles on a paper roll that you would turn to move to the next puzzles.

Toy Sunday: Baseball Team Cards

Baseball team cards were the most amazing of things.

There were only one per team, making them relatively uncommon but the quality of the photo was obviously bad.

A team has a lot of players, and each face was less than 1/4 inch.

Sunday Fun: Mood Ring

Remember the mood ring? Conventional wisdom says that violet blue means happy, romantic, blue is calm or relaxed, yellow/amber means you are tense or excited, and brown/gray means you are nervous or anxious.

You can pick up a replacement today.

From: Getting Older Stinks


Saturday Fun: Easy Bake Oven

Easy bake oven from Betty Crocker with real Betty Crocker mixes!

Saturday Fun: Polaroid Cameras

Remember the Polaroid camera? A far cry from where we are today with digital cameras, auto focus, flash and such.

This Ad video shows really how far away it was. Insert your flash bulb unit for 10 whole flashes! But wait, don’t forget to flip the flash bulb after 5.

You too can take fuzzy photos!