Toy Sunday: Baseball Check Lists

One of the most curious things in the pack of cards was the checklist.

If you were anal enough to fill these things out to complete your collection you would quickly figure out you’ve messed up your collection by marring the checklist, unless of course you had doubles.

Check out this fine recollections by Cardboard Junkie.

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Toy Sunday: Click-Clacks

Removed from stores in the 70’s, these balls on a rope were great to play Batman and Robin with.

They were known by many different names including Clack Clacks; Clackers; Click-Clacks; Crackers; Gnip-Gnops; Kabonkers; Ker-bangers; Kerbangers; Ker-Knockers; Klackers; Klick-Klacks to name a few, but they were all basically flying death balls on a string.

From: Big Red toy box.

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Toy Sunday: Play Doh

One of the most versatile substances known to man, play doh was originally a wallpaper solvent produced by a chemical company. The most memorable think about play doh was the smell.

Want to go back to your youth, pick some up and pop the can.

Toy Sunday: Trick Black Soap

It looks ordinary until day used it. His face was black and your butt was red. You can also read the great article from the comic coverage blog.

Toy Sunday: X-Ray Specs

For only $1 you can have the super peepers of Superman with x-ray specs. Just wait 4-8 weeks for delivery to be disappointed.

Toy Sunday: Magic 8-Ball

Remember the Magic 8-Ball? There are lots of versions you can get today, including the sarcastic ball, Dr. Sigmund Freud Therapy Ball, and the instant excuse ball.

From: Getting Older Stinks


Toy Sunday: Gobots

Remember this great toy. They were the main rival to the Transformer toys. GoBots!

From: Getting Older Stinks

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Toy Sunday: Handheld football

Remember the electronic football games?

All these games were so intense at the time but were just little dots and bleeps moving around the screen.

Take a trip down memory lane with this fine example. From: Big Red toy box.

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Toy Sunday: Connect Four

Remember Connect Four?

It is a simple game that lead to many hours of fun. The most of the fun came from opening up the bottom gate when you were about to lose.

From: Getting Older Stinks


Toy Sunday: Garbage Pail Kids Stickers

Gross and offensive trading cards for kids that became a big hit in the mid 80’s. I personally preferred the Wacky Pack stickers, but these were generally grosser.

From: Do You


Toy Sunday: Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers was voted by Radar magazine as one of the top 10 most dangerous toys.

Easy to burn yourself, but so much fun. I remember the edible ones. Once the special sauce was gone however it would just clutter up your room with no way to play with it.

From: Radar Magazine

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Toy Sunday: Space Invaders

Damn the torpedoes, fire, fire fire. Do you blast through your barrier or shoot around the sides.

Remember dropping lots of quarters in the standup version and wasting tons of time in the home version? Space invaders was the shit.

From: Do You

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Saturday Fun: Mego Toy Commercial

Classic toy commercial. Can you spot the comic book errors?

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Toy Sunday: Mexican Jumping Beans

Ever wonder what was in those "toys" before they "stopped working". Check out info about our old friend, the Mexican Jumping Bean.