Slouching when using the computer

Don’t slouch or lean forward to view work or the computer monitor. Either move closer to the work or move the work closer to you.

Tilt the monitor so the center of the screen is at eye level for easy viewing.


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Increase awareness of posture and ergonomics

Being aware of posture and ergonomics at work, at home, and at play is a vital step towards instilling good posture and ergonomic techniques.

This includes making conscious connections between episodes of back pain and specific situations where poor posture or ergonomics may be the root cause of the pain.



Poor posture is a bad habit

Poor posture is easy, whereas adapting habits of good posture often requires conscious effort.

Most people do not think about their posture until someone brings it to their attention. The benefits of good posture far outweigh the ease of slouchy poor posture.