20% of men want divorce

Less than 20% of separations are initiated by men, with about 20% being mutual. The rest of the time, divorces are initiated by the wife, and many men we speak to have no idea their relationship is in trouble until it is too late.

From: menz.org.nz

Don’t sign those papers

Many men, in a misguided attempt to stop the divorce have signed documents which their lawyers later found impossible to break. Men have, in the first day, even hours of despair, signed away all their property, their children, their rights.

From: menz.org.nz

Record keeping when going through a divorce

When going though a divorce become committed to recording facts, figures and events. If you call to speak to your kids – log it.

Record the date, the time, the duration and the basic theme of the conversation. Record any thoughts and observations that you had after the call.

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Divorce and child custody

The moment that you know that you are getting a divorce, you need to start thinking about your kids. It will likely be an uphill battle for you when it comes to child custody.

Be sure to know what you want from the beginning and stick to your guns throughout the divorce.

From: mensdivorcehq.com