Toy Sunday: Click-Clacks

Removed from stores in the 70’s, these balls on a rope were great to play Batman and Robin with.

They were known by many different names including Clack Clacks; Clackers; Click-Clacks; Crackers; Gnip-Gnops; Kabonkers; Ker-bangers; Kerbangers; Ker-Knockers; Klackers; Klick-Klacks to name a few, but they were all basically flying death balls on a string.

From: Big Red toy box.

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Hot weather

You’re more likely to suffer heat problems if you exercised in hot weather yesterday%2C even if today is mild.” – direct link


Pay tips in cash%2C some restaurants subtract the credit card service fee from the tip.” – direct link

Joining in

Join clubs%2C societies%2C sports events%2C drama groups-anything that might help meet like-minded potential partners.” – direct link


Ask the fishmonger to see the products up close & to smell for freshness. Fish should never smell fishy. – direct link

Healthy Sex

To create healthy sexual intimacy with your partner%2C stay away from the routine!” – direct link


Alternate your exercise activities to stay motivated to work out. – direct link

Add to diet

Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away. Start by focusing on getting the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.


Bags under your eyes

Having bags under your eyes is a sign of not getting enough rest, so get a full 8 hours of sleep to look fresh and bright in the morning.


Pay yourself first

Try to put away at least 10% of your pre-tax income into a savings account.


Saturday Fun: Banned Jennifer Aniston commercial

Not sure why this was banned, but I’ve never seen Jennifer Aniston look so good… Let her have the beer.

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Saturday Fun: Mr T for BK

Mr. T Burger King Commercial from the 1980’s

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Taking daily suppliments.

Once you get to a certain age, taking in some natural dietary supplements is nothing to be ashamed of.

Further, as a middle aged man, you have a higher risk of contracting certain illnesses and diseases that your younger counterparts simply do not have to worry about (yet).


Saturday Fun: Heart – Barracuda

Heart singing Barracuda from 1977. You forget how hot Ann & Nancy Wilson were at the time.