Book Friday: Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy

Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy is one of most laid back and entertaining aging books.

It’s written by two guys. Harry, the doctor, covers the science aspects of aging, while the other guy, Chris, talks about applying the info.

From: Getting Older Stinks

Make small lifestyle changes

Life is too short for it to be all beer and skittles.

Lifestyle changes can start with small things in the comfort of a man’s home. Fitness lifestyles promote healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Fitness lifestyles can include fun, low impact workout with the family. These fun exercises at home are perfect ways to stay in shape and spend time with family members.


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The foods you eat and your skin

What you consume on a daily basis has a major impact on how well your skin regenerates itself.

Foods that are low in nutrients, such as, refined carbohydrates are empty calories, they will not provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs to develop and maintain a healthy glow.

Choose foods that are close as possible to their natural state — fresh and unprocessed.


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Eat less and live longer

Rats fed 30% less than normal live 30% longer than usual–and in a recent study at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, the hearts of the leaner human calorie-cutters appeared 10 to 15 years younger than those of regular eaters.

In other research, calorie restrictors improved their blood insulin levels and had fewer signs of damage to their DNA. Eating less food, scientists believe, may reduce tissue wear and tear from excess blood sugar, inflammation, or rogue molecules known as free radicals.

From: Mary Mezack Anti-Aging Tips

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Limit your intake of sugar

Sugar increases triglycerides, cholesterol, and insulin, and can impair the immune system. Check food labels and look for hidden sugar such as corn syrup, sucrose, glucose, and lactose.


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