Obtaining a smooth face

A smooth face doesn’t start and end with shaving cream.

Use pre- and post-shave products. You’ll notice fewer ingrown hairs, less razor-burn irritation, and longer-lasting shaves.

From: mensfitness.com

Limit bath time

Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Limit your bath or shower time, and use warm – rather than hot – water.

From: mayoclinic.com

defining your beard line

You can start defining your beard line as early as 2 weeks after you’ve started to let your beard grow out.

Some people recommend starting only after a month but you can certainly do so much earlier. It depends on the growth rate of facial hair and the type of beard you want.

From: bestbeardtrimmer.org

Grey hair tip

The fastest way to take years off of your look is to get rid of gray hair.

It’s less noticeable and more natural to begin coloring your hair when you first begin to go gray. An easy-to-use product formulated specifically for men, such as Just For Men Hair color, can be used at home to cover gray hair with natural looking results.

From: free-beauty-tips.com

Killer smile

Everyone notices a killer smile so make sure you clean your teeth twice a day, use a mouth wash and don’t forget to brush your tongue to keep your breath smelling fresh for longer.

From: ezinearticles.com

Where to trim

Trim up front If you have a receding hairline, keep the front trimmed and swept across your forehead. "This thickens it up and gives the appearance of more hair.

From: menshealth.com

Instant appearance boost tip

Nails are great for scratching your chin and opening plastic packaging. Unfortunately, they’re also great for collecting dirt.

A simple hand washing can eliminate this dirt both on and under the nail, giving your overall appearance an instant boost.

From: life123.com

A straight-razor shave

There’s nothing classier (or more eco-friendly) than an old-school straight-razor shave.

Straight razors require a bit more of an investment up front and take some skill to master, but the rewards you reap are manifold – you could use the same razor for your entire life and look damn cool doing so.

From: ecouterre.com

Hair loss is natural

It is important to try to accept hair loss for what it is – something natural.

Rather than trying to camouflage bald spots with remaining hair or a wig, it is probably a better idea to leave your hair as it is, or shave it off completely.

From: netdoctor.co.uk

Consider the chin

The longer your face is, the shorter your chin hair should be. Otherwise the beard will exaggerate your features.

From: menshealth.com

Discovering about hair transplant

Hair transplantation isn’t for everyone. The best candidate for this approach to male hair loss treatment is someone with curly, thick hair that is close to the color of their skin color. The further your situation is from the ideal candidate, the less likely you are to be happy with the outcome of your treatment.

From: singleguyadvisor.com

Choosing a hair style

There’s no sense in working against your hair type. Instead, choose men’s hair cuts and styles that will show off your hair in its best light. For example, fine hair, as a general rule, should be kept short to make it appear thicker.

From: howtodothings.com

Frequent haircuts

Most men don’t get haircuts frequently enough, which contributes to an overall sloppy look. So after you get one, ask your cutter when you should come in next, and make an appointment.

From: soyouwanna.com

Waxing and plucking?

Think waxing and plucking is just for women? Not true.

There are many men out there who suffer from the infamous unibrow – when two eyebrows appear as one because of a continuous bridge of hair. If this sounds a little too familiar, then it’s time for you to tame those babies.

From: soyouwanna.com


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