3-second hair washing

Maybe the alarm didn’t go off, or the night went a bit late – however you ended up with greasy hair, you can pull off some one-minute triage.

Throw some baby powder (or talc, or even corn starch, if you’re out) into your palms, run it through your hair with a comb or fingers, and wipe off any excess white dust.

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Man hands don’t have to be “Man Hands”

A man’s hands don’t need to look pretty, but they should certainly be presentable. After all, your mitts are the first thing you offer a prospective boss or wife. To keep your hands looking good, get a manicure every now and then and use a hand moisturizer daily.

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Eyebrows are referred to in the plural because people are supposed to have a set. So, if you are the unlucky owner of a continuous "uni-brow"… it’s time to do some division.

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Trim the beast to best effect

If your beak looks like a party favor when you sneeze, a little trimming is definitely in order. To eliminate pesky hairs, try a nose hair trimmer.

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Keeping up with haircuts

Track the time between haircuts with automatic reminders. Nobody’s going to up and tell you that your hair’s in need of a trim, and it’s hard to make it a priority when you’ve got a packed schedule.

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Amazing anti-wrinkle creams are for men too

Consider anti-wrinkle creams. "In terms of maintenance, anti-wrinkle products such as Retin A or Kinerase are a good option."

These are very effective, especially when you are dealing with finer lines. They should be a part of a skin care maintenance program and a part of your nightly ritual," says Dr. Greg Branham, M.D., F.A.C.S., director of facial plastic surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

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Hair color tip

If you want to change your hair color the best way is to get it done professionally. Badly done color changes can say many negative things about you

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Neck hair

A man looks sloppy with more than a quarter inch of growth on his neck

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Moisturize your hair

Moisturize your hair. Conditioner is an essential hair product if your hair is dry

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Ear Hair

The sight of long ear hairs, or neck hair going into the collar of your shirt, is never appealing.

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long hair

Contrary to popular belief, growing your hair longer to cover up your thinning hair is usually counterproductive. More often than not, men’s short hair styles will blend your thinning patches better and make them less noticeable.

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Trimmed hair

Keeping your facial hair trimmed is the key to looking stylish instead of scruffy. Mustaches, beards and goatees should be cut and styled for an overall neat appearance.

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Growth is bad

A man looks sloppy with more than a quarter inch of growth on his neck. Trim from the base of your neck and move upward in short movements

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Professionals will always produce results that are far more attractive when compared to doing the coloring yourself.

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