How to appear taller

If you are a short man who wishes to appear taller, the overall goal is to choose clothing that makes the body appear longer.

This is done, in part, by creating a straight, streamlined silhouette. In general, clothing should not be baggy or otherwise ill-fitting; you want to create a clean "straight up-and-down" line with little interruptions, as this adds the illusion of length.


How to stay healthy

The most important things you can do to stay healthy are: Get recommended screening tests, Be tobacco free, Be physically active, Eat a healthy diet, Stay at a healthy weight, and Take preventive medicines if you need them.

From: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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Get away from your desk

If you are one of the millions with a desk job, be sure to get out of your chair once an hour for 5-10 minutes to do some standing stretches.

Gently stretch your shoulders, arms, neck, back, sides, chest, and calves. This can improve circulation and relieve neck and back stiffness. Done regularly, this also can improve your motivation to do some serious aerobic exercise after your workday ends.



Coffee and exercise tip

Researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport found that athletes who consumed a small intake of caffeine before exercise could continue for up to 30 minutes longer than those who had not consumed it.

The caffeine also enabled the athletes to increase the amount of weight lost during physical activity. It also produced a 3.5% increase in exercise capacity.


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