How to build a better memory

Building associations to trigger your memory is a simple process to improve memory. Even people with normal brain operation can vastly improve their memories. By applying this technique, you’re using what’s called “mnemonics” or building a memory palace.


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Prepare for conversations

Prepare for good conversation. If you know you’ll have a chance for conversation%2C learn interests of the person.” – direct link

Keep your mouth shut

Keep tight-lipped about prior relationships & details. She make act like she wants to know%2C but she really doesn’t.” – direct link

Get to the point

Give bad news upfront. Tough messages should be simply and clearly stated in the first sentence. – direct link

Please and Thank You

Say please & thank you – to waiters%2C flight attendants%2C store clerks%2C cab drivers – little things go a long way.” – direct link

conversation starters

The best conversation starters are situation-specific%2C so ask specific questions.” – direct link

Conversational dangers

If the conversation feels like dragging a piano uphill%2C then let it go. You can’t connect with everyone” – direct link


Gossip talks about others; bore talks about himself; & brilliant conversationalist talks to you about yourself. – direct link


Practice the 40/60 Rule. You should be talking 40% and listening 60% of the time. – direct link

Starting a conversation

Try to initiate a conversation with as many new people as possible without being biased about anybody. – direct link


The more flexible and resourceful you can be in a negotiation, the more likely you’ll be able to arrive at a desirable outcome.


Eye contact

Not every ice-breaker you use has to be verbal. Making eye contact with someone is a great way to gauge their level of interest before you go and talk to them.


Practice conversations

Practice starting conversations with as many people as possible, then use those skills with women you’re attracted to.


Letting other save face

When you out-logic someone, allow them to save face by adding such comments as, "It’s just a thought. What do you think?"