What’s most important

Do what’s most important first thing in the morning, before you check email.

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Top of the ladder?

It’s impossible to improve when you aren’t looking for opportunities. Don’t stunt growth by believing you’ve already reached the top of the ladder.

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Follow through

Always follow through. Even smallest tasks. Nothing builds a business relationship stronger & faster than reliable – direct link

Short emails

Emails should be short & to point. Forcing people to sift is disrespectful of time & could result in lost business. – direct link


The more flexible and resourceful you can be in a negotiation, the more likely you’ll be able to arrive at a desirable outcome.

From: artofmanliness.com

The same routine

If you get stuck following the same routine every day, your brain won’t ever be challenged. Do something different for a change.

From: brainpower.org

Asking for a promotion

Asking for a promotion or raise too soon is one of the biggest downfalls for people looking for career advancement.

You never want to seem pushy, especially if you really do not deserve to be advanced.

From: monster.com


Using social media is one way to demonstrate you are tech-savvy as well as your ‘with-itness.’

From: monster.com

Hostile environment

Generally, a woman’s perception of an "unwanted advance" or "hostile environment" is given more weight than a man’s. Conduct yourself accordingly.

From: kiplinger.com

Save friends for later

Go to work to get things accomplished and be effective. If you can be friends with those you work with (and it’s almost always the case) that’s even better, but never forget that it’s also just a bonus.

From: askmen.com

Keep modivated

Always keep yourself motivated concerning your jobs and assignments. Successful people reach their position since they possess a constant drive inside them to perform much better whenever they think they have done well.

From: airarticles.com

Letting other save face

When you out-logic someone, allow them to save face by adding such comments as, "It’s just a thought. What do you think?"

From: kiplinger.com

Planning for conversations

As you prepare for a function, come up with three things to talk about as well as four generic questions that will get others talking.

If you’ve met the host before, try to remember things about her, such as her passion for a sport or a charity you’re both involved in.

From: careerbuilder.com

Make Career Planning an Annual Event

Many of us have physicals, visit the eye doctor and dentist, and do a myriad of other things on an annual basis, so why not career planning?

Find a day or weekend once a year — more often if you feel the need or if you’re planning a major career change — and schedule a retreat for yourself.

From: quintcareers.com