What are the qualities of emotional intelligence

People with emotional intelligence have an unshakable confidence in themselves, which comes from self-knowledge and self-honesty.

They know that their personal happiness is up to them and no one else. Instead of labeling other people and their actions, they check their emotions first.

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Exercising your brain

As we age, our brain cells, called neurons, lose the tree-branch-like connections between them. These connections, or synapses, are essential to thought.

Perhaps the most striking brain research today is the strong evidence we now have that exercise may forestall some kinds of mental decline.

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What is Emotional Inteligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you.

Emotional intelligence also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively.

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Exercise your brain

Exercise your brain. Read books on topics that cause you to think, such as other religions, different cultures, philosophy, mystery stories.

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Exercise Boosts Brainpower

Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental function, says certified trainer David Atkinson.

"Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity," says Atkinson, director of program development for Cooper Ventures, a division of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas.

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