Hot weather

You’re more likely to suffer heat problems if you exercised in hot weather yesterday%2C even if today is mild.” – direct link


Pay tips in cash%2C some restaurants subtract the credit card service fee from the tip.” – direct link

Joining in

Join clubs%2C societies%2C sports events%2C drama groups-anything that might help meet like-minded potential partners.” – direct link


Ask the fishmonger to see the products up close & to smell for freshness. Fish should never smell fishy. – direct link

Sleep the 8

People who sleep 8 hours +%2C or less than 4 a night were shown to have a significantly higher death rate.” – direct link


Sweat cools body by evaporating into air. Humid weather can affect you as much as hot%2C dry weather.” – direct link


To optimize the juice you get from a lemon or lime%2C roll it hard under your palm for a minute before juicing.” – direct link

Dogs and cats

Curl up with your dog or cat. Studies show pets can actually lower blood pressure better than some drugs. – direct link

Decrease death

The Mayo Clinic found that optimistic people decreased risk of early death by 50% compared with pessimistic people – direct link


Saunas are great after a workout%2C dry heat relaxes tired muscles & helps to flush out toxins and impurities.” – direct link

Avoid gossip

Avoid gossip & complaining. Both are extremely easy to do and both lead to negative%2C empty feelings” – direct link

Write it down

Writing down what you eat/drink & thoughts linked helps you become more aware of eating habits & problem areas – direct link

Long hugs

Studies show long hugs(10-30 sec) increase body’s oxytocin%2C chemical that increases sense of connectedness” – direct link

Follow through

Always follow through. Even smallest tasks. Nothing builds a business relationship stronger & faster than reliable – direct link