Trying to do everything is a one-way ticket to stress. Be clear about limits%2C & stop trying to please everyone.” – direct link

Live expectancy

According to Centers for Disease Control in 1920 average life expectancy was 54. Today%2C people can expect to live to 78 – direct link


Exercise releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins%2C so you’ll feel happier and less stressed after a workout. ” – direct link

Prepare for conversations

Prepare for good conversation. If you know you’ll have a chance for conversation%2C learn interests of the person.” – direct link

Ignoring fads

Arm yourself about healthy diet & ignoring fads. You’re more likely to build confidence & achieve weight goals – direct link

Healthy Sex

To create healthy sexual intimacy with your partner%2C stay away from the routine!” – direct link


Always let your meat rest%2C especially off a hot grill” – direct link

Short emails

Emails should be short & to point. Forcing people to sift is disrespectful of time & could result in lost business. – direct link


Remember the amount you tip should reflect the total price before any coupons or gift certificates. – direct link

Keep your mouth shut

Keep tight-lipped about prior relationships & details. She make act like she wants to know%2C but she really doesn’t.” – direct link


After working w/garlic%2C rub hands vigorously on stainless steel sink for 30sec before washing to remove odor.” – direct link


Smiling is a two-way mechanism. We do it when we’re relaxed & happy%2C but it can also make us feel relaxed & happy.” – direct link

Suicide deaths

Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among males between the ages of 15 and 34. – direct link

It’s dark out

New Year resolutions fail because it’s dark out. Start exercise in spring so when winter comes you have a routine. – direct link