Love is not a declaration%2C it is an action. Demonstrate how you feel about your lover at least once every day.” – direct link

Loud Noises

Loud eating noises such as slurping and burping are very impolite. The number one sin of dinner table etiquette. – direct link

when to eat

At tables with 8 or fewer%2C begin eating only after all other guests are served & the host has started to eat.” – direct link

Avoiding date topics

When dating initially avoid topics like previous relationships%2C sex%2C money%2C politics%2C religion and any major flaws.” – direct link

Clean kitchen

Having a clean kitchen makes cooking significantly more enjoyable. Food keeps longer too. – direct link

Positive coping

Use relaxation techniques along with positive coping methods%2C such as exercising and getting enough sleep.” – direct link


Average American consumes 240lbs of sugar/yr. Sugar is stored as fat%2C elevates cancer risk & suppresses immunity.” – direct link

Avoiding injuries

To avoid injuries%2C write an expiration date on your shoes as soon as you buy them. Shoes last about 500 miles.””” – direct link


Gossip talks about others; bore talks about himself; & brilliant conversationalist talks to you about yourself. – direct link


Avoid ‘all-you-can-eat’ places. More diets go here to die than any other type of restaurant. – direct link

Get her motor running

Don’t stop for a break. Women unlike men don’t pick up where they left off. If you stop they plummet to square 1. – direct link


RSVP within 3 days of receiving invitation%2C or if no invitation sent ask what to expect & how many will attend.” – direct link

table manners

When at a dinner party or restaurant%2C proper table manners dictate that you taste your food before seasoning it.” – direct link

1st date

1st date conversation maintaining eye contact is crucial. Shows you’re paying attention & have nothing to hide. – direct link