Sex and intimacy

Sex doesn’t equal intimacy/romance for woman%2C when intimacy/romance are there for her%2C sex will be there for you” – direct link

Traveling for work

When traveling with execs from your department%2C always let the person with the most seniority get in the taxi last.” – direct link

Book Friday: 15 Minutes with God

Book Friday: 15 Min Alone w/God for Men-provides men a daily spiritual refreshment/renewal. – direct link

tasting someone else’s meal

When tasting another’s meal either hand your fork to person%2Cor hold your plate toward her to put morsel on edge” – direct link

Finding women

The best places to find women are the coffee shop%2C restaurant with woman staff or a popular shopping mall.” – direct link


Spice up your meals with freshly-ground black pepper instead of salt. – direct link

cardiovascular exercise

Thirty minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise immediately reduces body tension. – direct link