streching muscles

Between sets%2C take 20-30 sec to stretch muscle you just worked. Researchers found this increased strength by 20%.” – direct link


Practice the 40/60 Rule. You should be talking 40% and listening 60% of the time. – direct link

Eating healthy when traveling

When traveling%2C it’s easy to forget healthy eating. Large meals%2C drinking & exotic foods wreak havoc on body.” – direct link

Erogenous zones

Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you’re paying by the hour. – direct link

An observent diner

Being an observant diner & picking up cues from your host will enable you to avoid 95% of embarrassing situations. – direct link

Excusing yourself

When going to the restroom%2C it isn’t necessary to say where you’re going-a simple Excuse me; I’ll be right back”” – direct link

Approaching immediately

When you see a girl you are interested in approach within 3sec. Delay & you’ll never have guts to approach her. – direct link

Testing pasta

The best way to find out if the pasta is ready is to fish out a bit and taste it. – direct link

Soft Music

Listening to soft%2C soothing music is one of the fastest ways to alter your mood & put mind in a relaxed state.” – direct link


Scientists found those who saw setbacks as a catastrophes had a 25% greater risk of death & died avg 2yrs earlier – direct link

Work the bicepts

Bend wrists to work biceps harder. Extend them backward slightly—and hold them that way—while you do arm curls. – direct link

Book Friday: Man Cave

Book Friday: The Man Cave Book – a must-have for any guy who has a man cave%2C or is looking to start one.” – direct link

Starting a conversation

Try to initiate a conversation with as many new people as possible without being biased about anybody. – direct link

Cancer and diet

About 40% of cancers are diet related. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit & vegetables daily to reduce risk of cancer – direct link