Book Friday: My ’70s Book: The “When I Was A Kid…” Book For The 70′s

My ’70s Book: The "When I Was A Kid…" Book For The Generation That Grew Up In The ’70s lets you remember the music, the movies, the cars, the toys, the fashions, and so much more as your sentimental recollections play once again before you like a worn out 8mm movie in your mind.

From: Getting Older Stinks


Always look at the positive qualities of others

Everyone has both good and bad sides. The important thing here is to strive to enlarge the good qualities and suppress the bad ones.


testosterone levels

From the age of 30, testosterone begins to dip by 1% each year, says Dr Legato. Lowered testosterone levels can lead to a decrease in vitality, muscle mass, ability to perform prolonged exercise, memory, concentration and libido.



Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you’re paying by the hour and trying to get your money’s worth by cutting out non-essentials.

A properly passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay.


Protecting yourself when divorcing

When going through a divorce, immediately close all joint bank and credit accounts and open new ones in your name alone.


Toy Sunday: Mexican Jumping Beans

Ever wonder what was in those "toys" before they "stopped working". Check out info about our old friend, the Mexican Jumping Bean.

Saturday Fun: “Cheech and Chong” Original Trailer

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Original Trailer for Cheech and Chong from 1978

Book Friday: Boys’ Toys of the 70′s & 80′s

Boys’ Toys of the 70’s & 80’s: Toy Pages From the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks 1970-1989 is a thick, 192 page book is jammed with authorized reprints of rare Sears, Roebuck and Co. Christmas "Wishbook" pages.

Organized by year from 1970 through 1989, these selected pages have all the great toys collectors want to know about

From: Getting Older Stinks


Pay attention to your hosts

Being an observant diner and picking up on cues from your host will enable you to avoid 95% the embarrassing situations you could find yourself in.


Chilling wine

To cool wine, quarter-fill an icebucket with ice, then sprinkle heavily with salt and top up to half-full with cold water.

The salt will reduce the temperature of the ice/water well below freezing, while the water allows close thermal contact with the glass/plastic.


Yoga and your daily fitness routine

Practicing yoga or tai chi to help improve balance and flexibility. Make it a point to incorporate gentle stretching into your daily fitness routine, which can help maintain a full range of motion.


Protection from all forms of cancer

Green tea is an amazing and natural anti aging product – recent research findings show that taking sufficient green tea during the day can protect you from all forms of cancer, build your resistance to heart disease and dementia.

From: simplyantiaging

Toy Sunday: Joy Buzzer

It’s the wind up novelty you wear like a ring… The joy buzzer. You can also read the great article from the comic coverage blog.

Saturday Fun: Banned Jennifer Aniston commercial

Not sure why this was banned, but I’ve never seen Jennifer Aniston look so good… Let her have the beer.

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