Saturday Fun: Trailer-Escape from New York

1981 trailer for the sci-fi action film Escape from New York with Kurt Russell as Snake Plisken.

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Book Friday: The Courage to Be Brilliant

The Courage to Be Brilliant: How Five Acts of Improvement a Day Will Make You Shine. One of the USA’s leading voices on personal achievement, shares her secrets for avoiding the dullness that comes from settling for less.

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Middle age sucks

There is a natural tendency, once you’re past thirty five or forty, for the body’s metabolism to again shift so that your physical needs begin to change.

These changes increment throughout adulthood, middle age and into old age.


Softening your face

It takes as long as three minutes for shaving cream to really soften your beard.

Assuming you wash from the top down, apply your shave cream right after washing your face. By the time you’re done in the shower, and have dried off, your shaving cream should be at its most effective


Sleeping pills the deadly combination

Use sleeping aids conservatively, and avoid using them for more than one or two nights per month. Avoid sleeping pills altogether if you have obstructive sleep apnea – it can be a deadly combination.


Stress release

Help stress by loosening the muscles in your neck and upper back by stretching your arms out from your sides and shake your hands vigorously for about 10 seconds. Combine this with a little deep breathing and you’ll do yourself twice as much good.


Saturday Fun: Jerry Seinfeld HBO Debut

Remember Jerry Seinfeld, here’s his HBO Debut in 1981.
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Book Friday: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy

When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy is an inspiring and practical information for creating possibilities in your life through simple tools, methods and stories.

From: Getting Older Stinks


Slouching gives out negative vibes

Want to attain your maximum height potential? What better way than to sit or stand erect and hold your head high at all times?

Slouching gives out negative vibes and projects you as low on self confidence even while making you look shorter than you really are.


The power time

Make all your calls in the morning-this is when people are most likely to be available. Then, block off the rest of your day on interrupted work.


Dump PMI

Get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance. If your down payment was less than 20%, you are probably paying PMI.

Once you have a 20% cushion through reducing your debt and home appreciation, contact your mortgage company to start the process of removing the PMI.


Exercise to reduce muscle strain

Regular flexibility exercises can also help reduce muscle strain and soreness such as what the muscles go through when they are suddenly being put into considerable physical activity.


Book Friday: What Color Is Your Parachute?

Still the best-selling job-hunting book in the world,  What Color Is Your Parachute? is the most complete guide for first-time job seekers as well as second and encore careers changers.

From: Getting Older Stinks

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Shaving with a blade

You may save a few minutes by using an electric razor, but it’s a fact that a wet blade gives the closest shave and that’s what we’re all looking for. A closer shave will, of course, cut the beard nearer to the skin, which will extend the time until you need to shave again.