Pick your foods

Pick foods that are better for your health than you would eat have if you weren’t watching what you were consuming.

From: associatedcontent.com

defining your beard line

You can start defining your beard line as early as 2 weeks after you’ve started to let your beard grow out.

Some people recommend starting only after a month but you can certainly do so much earlier. It depends on the growth rate of facial hair and the type of beard you want.

From: bestbeardtrimmer.org

Sleep-conducive environment

Create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool. Design your sleep environment to establish the conditions you need for sleep in a cool, quiet, dark, comfortable and free of interruptions.

From: sleepfoundation.org

Slow down to think clearer

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress, practice speaking more slowly than usual. You’ll find that you think more clearly and react more reasonably to stressful situations

 From: medicinenet.com

Saturday Fun: Atari 2600 commercial

Old time (1978) Atari 2600 commercial with Don Knots and Pete Rose.

Book Suggestion: Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life

Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life has the same quick wit and eye for cultural trends that marked The Game, The Dirt, and How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Emergency traces Neil’s Strauss’ white-knuckled journey through today’s heart of darkness, as he sets out to move his life offshore, test his skills in the wild, and remake himself as a gun-toting, plane-flying, government-defying survivor.

It’s a tale of paranoid fantasies and crippling doubts, of shady lawyers and dangerous cult leaders, of billionaire gun nuts and survivalist superheroes, of weirdos, heroes, and ordinary citizens going off the grid.

Be in a good mood

Agree with yourself to be in a good mood.

Once you agree with yourself that this is not the right mood for you, you’re revoking permission to stew in your own juices and keep the ‘pity party’ going.

From: rockyourday.com

Managing 24/7

No matter how organized we are, there are always only 24 hours in a day.

Time doesn’t change. All we can actually manage is ourselves and what we do with the time that we have.

From: about.com


The more alcohol you consume, the lower your brain volume becomes, which leads to memory loss and poor concentration.

From: theadventurouswriter.com

Pay attention

Focus your attention on the materials you are studying.

 Attention is one of the major components of memory. In order for information to move from short-term memory into long-term memory, you need to actively attend to this information.

From: about.com

Saturday Fun: Mr Muscle Commercial with Charlotte Rae

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VPS9CKF5O4

1977 Mr Muscle Commercial with Charlotte Rae

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

The Mystery Method, is about being persuasive and asserting influence.

If you peel away the title, though, it could be about marketing and closing any sale: don’t be needy; be mentally able to walk away from any deal; understand the value of having a high social proof; invest others in you; develop a process, not a one liner.

Clean your car’s air filter

A clean air filter can improve your gas mileage by up to 7%, saving you more than $100 for every 10,000 miles you drive in an average vehicle.

From: thesimpledollar.com

Medication and grapefruit juice combo warning

Never take medications together with grapefruit juice without a doctor’s OK.

Chemicals in grapefruit juice have an odd effect on medicines, possibly because they interfere with liver enzymes. This can cause either decreased or increased concentration of a drug in your bloodstream, making it less effective or increasing the risk of side effects.

From: findarticles.com