Increase your vacation experience

Build in a buffer when returning from vacations.

Don’t work right up until the moment you leave and head back to work right off the plane. If possible, schedule an extra day off before you depart and another when you come back to dive back in slowly.


Where to trim

Trim up front If you have a receding hairline, keep the front trimmed and swept across your forehead. "This thickens it up and gives the appearance of more hair.


Eat less mayo

The next time you prepare a sandwich, measure the amount of mayonnaise you actually add to the sandwich.

That way, you can actually see how many grams of fat you’ll be eating with each sandwich. You’ll quickly see that those servings will get smaller and smaller and before you know it, you’ll want to switch to a lighter brand of mayonnaise.


Eat less salt

Eat less than 2,400 mg of sodium per day. This is about the same amount found in one teaspoon of salt.


Improving your public speaking

Improving you public speaking means developing your own style. It does not mean learning to speak like a newscaster or someone else. It means strengthening your ability to say what you want to say.


Hormone levels

Levels of some hormones change naturally over the life span. Some hormones increase with age, like parathyroid hormone that helps regulate the amount of calcium in the blood and bone. Some tend to decrease over time, such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

When the body fails to make enough of a hormone because of a disease or disorder, a doctor may prescribe hormone replacement drugs. These come in many forms such as pills, shots, topical (rub-on) gels, and medicated skin patches.


What are the qualities of emotional intelligence

People with emotional intelligence have an unshakable confidence in themselves, which comes from self-knowledge and self-honesty.

They know that their personal happiness is up to them and no one else. Instead of labeling other people and their actions, they check their emotions first.


Does Minoxidil regrow hair?

Originally developed as a treatment for high blood pressure, Minoxidil was the first drug approved by the FDA as a male hair loss treatment drug. However, while Minoxidil has been clinically proven to slow hair loss, it’s ability to regrow hair is marginal.


Know your numbers

Know Your Numbers, then Aim Lower.

These include blood pressure (which ideally should be below 115 over 75), LDL cholesterol (under 100), resting heart rate (under 70), and fasting blood sugar (under 100). If your numbers aren’t ideal, change your diet until they improve.


Saturday Fun: The Ultimate Warrior

Check out is knife fight scene from THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, 1975 Yul Brynner. When men were men… grrrr.

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Instant appearance boost tip

Nails are great for scratching your chin and opening plastic packaging. Unfortunately, they’re also great for collecting dirt.

A simple hand washing can eliminate this dirt both on and under the nail, giving your overall appearance an instant boost.


Why you’re not losing weight

If you’re not losing at least one pound a week on your chosen weight loss regimen, you’re (a) stalled, or (b) finished.

You might need to push yourself even harder, or (in some cases) let up a little bit while your body plays catch-up. If you lose more than one pound a week, then you’re doing better than average.

Expecting to lose five pounds a week just isn’t realistic.


Make your junk taste better

Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorophyll content.


Quantifying the art of speaking

The art of speaking is roughly 51% entertainment, 49% meaty content.

Your primary responsibility is to entertain a room full of people. This doesn’t necessarily equate to jokes and magic tricks, but it does mean that the content of your presentation, and the delivery of that content, should be compelling and engaging.