Rich sources of good fat

Fish is a rich source of omega–3 fatty acids (a GOOD fat). Omega–3s keep the heart from going into rhythm disorders–men who eat fish once a week have fewer heart attacks–and they may even ward off depression.


Do we have to tell you to match your socks? Maybe.

Socks should be calf-length or above. Make sure they match not only what you are wearing, but also each other.

A quick glance in good light before heading out the door can save embarrassment later in the day.


Dress for the situation

It’s always better to be a little bit overdressed than underdressed in a situation.

All you have to do is think about where and who you’re going to be with and just step it up one notch. But make sure you’re not better dressed than someone who is more important in a certain setting, like you’re boss. From:

Balding hair styles

If your hairline is receding or you have a bald patch to cover up, you’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing a style.

Contrary to popular belief, growing your hair longer to cover up your thinning hair is usually counterproductive. More often than not, men’s short hair styles will blend your thinning patches better and make them less noticeable


Saturday Fun: Woodsy Owl public service announcement

Remember this Woodsy Owl 1977 TV public service announcement. Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Book Friday: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth

After two weeks of hard work, they had their book. EARTH (The Book) is the definitive guide to our species presented by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

From: Getting Older Stinks

Strengthen your personal character

From this day forward for the rest of your life, focus on building and strengthening your personal character. 

Your personal character is the foundation upon which all other life successes are built.  Just as a home needs a strong foundation, so does your entire life.  Start by reading the thirteen virtues of Benjamin Franklin.


Rules for tipping

There are no rules that are set in stone when it comes to tipping.

However, our basic guide to tipping gratuity is, if you’re unsure if tipping is appropriate for the service performed, go with your gut instinct.

Even if your neighbor doesn’t tip the newspaper delivery person, if you think he does a great job, then go ahead and include a tip with your payment.


Experience while speaking

Gain experience by taking every opportunity you can to speak. The more often you speak in public, the more confidence you will gain and the more polished a speaker you will become.


20% of men want divorce

Less than 20% of separations are initiated by men, with about 20% being mutual. The rest of the time, divorces are initiated by the wife, and many men we speak to have no idea their relationship is in trouble until it is too late.