Cool and relaxed on dates

Take deep breaths and relax. Your date (and conversation partner) will pick up on how relaxed – or anxious – you are and will respond in kind.


Prefenting colon cancer deaths

There are 47,700 colon cancer deaths per year. Avoid dying by drinking milk every day – or consider a 300 milligram calcium supplement. Calcium has been shown to decrease the recurrence of pre-cancerous polyps, says Dr. Robert Beart, chief of colorectal surgery at the University of Southern California.


Book Friday: Soup

Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture offers an inspirational business fable that explains the "recipe" you can use to create a winning culture and boost employee morale and engagement.

From: Getting Older Stinks

When to confirm flights

Call reservations to confirm your flight 24 hrs before a domestic flight and 72 hrs before an international flight for both the outbound flight and the return flight.


Men and women losing weight

It’s been proven that men can lose weight more rapidly than women can, which is likely due to our physiological makeup.