Junk Food Sunday: Hostess Sno balls

Marshmallow and coconut, what’s not to love. The Hostess Sno Ball was first made in 1948 and is a combination of marshmallow, coconut and chocolate cake with a cream filling.

The cake at the base of sno ball is the same as the Hostess cupcake, turned upside down.

Each year over 25 million of these fluffy treats are made, but not all of them are covered in pink coconut. In fact the snowballs are produced in white for the winter season, orange and glow in the dark for Halloween, green for St. Patrick’s Day and lavender in the Spring. Many can nostalgically remember the packaging with one white and one pink one.

The original Sno Balls were white marshmallow and shredded coconut covered chocolate cakes. In 1950, the creme filling was added, and not long after, in an effort to add a little pizzazz to the white Sno Ball, Hostess decided to tint the shredded coconut pink.

Make your own Sno ball Recipe

Sno ball goof commercial:

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