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Ms. Dewey: Microsoft branded porn
Jan 3, 2007, 09:17

Ms. Dewey is the latest coaching helper from Microsoft Corporation. In this one instance Microsoft has finally gotten it right.

What they have basically done is taken an avatar names Ms. Dewey who is represented by a brunette, somewhat ethnic looking woman who is seductively dressed to comment on your searches. Ms. Dewey is no Jessica Rabbit wanna-be she is a live action taping of a real woman who responds to your search requests.

So how long do you think it takes for a grown man with a virtual woman at his beck and call to delve into the nasty bits and bites?

I would like to sit here and say 5 or 10 searches in after great consideration of reviewing a new search tool but I would be lying. In fact the first search I placed after introducing myself to the virtual vixen was x-rated.

This weakness of mortal men was not lost on Microsoft who captures this nasty dialog and attempts to respond in kind, so I took it apon myself to do some indepth investigation to her... programming.

The below searched provided the best output to my input, but there is some randomness to the searches when viewed a second time:

"Fuck Me"
To blink or not to blink that is the question.

"I want to fuck you"
Lots of ghetto talk with bleeps

"Take it Off"
"Oh, do I have a black belt."

"Take off your clothes Ms Dewey"
Something about underwear on your head, and couldn't create the woman of your dreams.

I've been acting professionally for years.

"hold on I need to get my clone on"

Produces a "Video buffering thing as she "undresses"

"Tied Up"
Shows hands tied up