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Tips to get through airport security
Aug 31, 2006, 14:50

You donít need to be Mission Impossibleís Tom Cruise to zip through airport security. Even with all the latest rules and regulations if you take a few precautions ahead of time you can get through security with the least amount of problems.
  1. Leave the change at home
    Pocket change can save some time and but in the world of airport security youíll be going ďbeep beepĒ. Follow the rule that if itís not in your pocket you wonít need to take it out.
  2. Turn on your laptop and cel phone
    Depending on the airport you may need to prove your cel phone is not going to explode. Apparently the way to do this is to see it light up. This goes for laptops as well which can take a nice bit of time to start up.
  3. Wear the loafers
    Shoes are deadly weapons and need to go through special screening. If they are easy to take off and put on youíll get by faster
  4. Hide your wallet
    If you put your wallet in your carry on and only have your ID itís one less thing to fumble with. Plus putting your wallet and watch in the round tray is an invitation to trouble
  5. The early bird...
    Get there early. Apparently if you check in less than 45 minutes before the flight sometimes they wonít let you fly. I donít understand the logic, I just report it.

Traveling use to be special and fun, now itís a chore to get from A to B.