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Disney Tips and Tricks
Aug 31, 2006, 11:02

One of the most popular family vacation destinations is Walt Disney World in Florida. Below you'll find over 16 tips to improve your fun level when visiting the house of mouse.
  1. Get extra Magic Hours in the park when only resort guests are admitted. One theme park opens one hour early or stays open three hours later only for Disney Resort guests.

    To get on rides after hours simply show your Key to the World Card and recieve a special wristband. Note, that while rides are open many of the food areas close down.

  2. The Park Hopper option lets you come and go through multiple theme parks on the same day for the entire length of your ticket.

    In addition to the park hopper, consider purchasing extra days in the park, for a few dollars (about $20) you can get 1-2 extra days of fun

  3. Fastpass is free, simple, and it saves you from standing in line for the most popular rides. Just insert your Park entrance ticket into the FastPass machine at the attraction and receive a designated ride time, and then you're free to go enjoy the rest of the Park. When your time rolls around, come back to the FastPass entrance and hop on board with no further wait.

    Remember though to plan your attractions for fastpass, you can only use it once per hour!

  4. Ask for a free wake up call where Mickey welcomes you to the day.

  5. In the Downtown Disney Marketplace your children can ask at one of the (Disney) store cash registers for the Sticker Hunt booklet. There are 15 different stickers to collect at each of 15 stores.

  6. Stay at a Disney World Resort to use Disney transportation to the theme parks and around Disney property. Attendants are only looking to see you are a guest, not a guest of any particular hotel.

  7. The worst Time to visit Disney is December 26-31. This is the most crowded and most expensive time of year.

  8. The best times to visit Disney is Mid-February through mid-April.

  9. You can store your luggage after check in and enjoy the park even if you can't get into your room. Arrive at 9AM and enjoy extra time in the park!

  10. Bring water with you! Every park sells water bottles for a hefty price. Buy a shoulder strap for bottles and just fill them up at one of the many drinking fountains.

  11. Resort guests are welcome to ride in the front car of the monorail. When boarding, just ask the attendant if the seat is available. The front car can accommodate 4 people in addition to the operator.

  12. When you stay at a Disney resort get a refillable mug for free refills of coffee, soft drinks or iced tea.

  13. Bring small travel games into the parks for those extra long lines.

  14. If you're looking for a specific character, stop by City Hall in the Magic Kingdom to find out when and where they'll be available.

  15. Any reservations for meals (priority seating) that has a 60 day before arrival limit means these are the "hot events" which book very fast!! Call at 7:00 am eastern exactly 60 days before you want to go.

  16. Disney has a 'baby swap' option. Your whole family stays together in the queue and when it is your turn, one stays with the kids too young to ride and the others go on. When the ride is over, the adult who rode gets off the ride, the adult who waited gets on, and all the others get to ride a second time without waiting in the queue. You just need to tell the attendant at the ride you want to baby-swap and they will tell you where to wait.