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Nov 3, 2005, 09:04

Nobody wants to admit that his or her poker game needs improvement but it does. Everyoneís does. Iíve seen lots of poker videos, mostly complements of Netflix Here are some of the best Iíve seen:

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4-stars: Must see

Poker: More Secrets of No-Limit Hold 'Em (2004)
In his second how-to video, Howard Lederer offers you a professional and insider's view of the world's most popular poker game, Texas No-Limit Hold 'Em.

Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Online Poker Secrets (2005)
Using his unparalleled know-how (gleaned from countless tournaments), poker champ Phil Hellmuth explains the fine points of the newest gambling craze: online poker.

Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Texas Hold'em Tournament Strategies (2004)
The champion of numerous international tournaments, Phil Hellmuth has amassed more than $3 million in the World Series of Poker.

How a Poker Champ Thinks His Way to Success (2005)
Four-time World Series of Poker champ Tom McEvoy guides viewers through the ins and outs of poker in this fascinating tutorial.

3-stars: See
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Winning Strategies: Texas Hold 'Em Poker with Mike Caro (2005)
Poker's "Mad Genius," Mike Caro, reveals his strategies and secrets to winning big at Texas Hold 'Em poker in this instructional video.

Texas Hold 'Em Poker (2005)
Fundamentals for Winning can help you know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

Poker for Dummies (2004)
The game of poker is not just for card sharks anymore. Now, even the biggest novice can play like a professional with the help of this comprehensive DVD manual.

How to Conquer Online Poker (2005)
Do you know when to hold 'em Ö and when to fold 'em? The poker game may be virtual, but the stakes often aren't.

Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Poker System (2004)
Nine-time World Poker Champion Phil Hellmuth shares his secrets in this instructional video.

Annie Duke's Advanced Texas Hold 'em Secrets (2005)
Poker champ Annie Duke shares her insider secrets to winning big in this Texas Hold 'Em course.

2-stars: take it or leave it
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Ultimate Poker: Beat the Pros (2005)
This tutorial DVD shows rookies and veterans alike how to play the game like the pros.

Poker Secrets from Poker Champs (2004)
A crack team of 15 poker champs shares tips about how to master the game.