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How To Get Rid of Love Handles
Nov 1, 2005, 15:47

Being a lazy guy I find it much easier to research getting rid of love handles than actually getting rid of them.

There are lots of ab-thingies that say that you can tighten up the mid section and have rock hard abs, but the predominance of real articles out there put it into two categories, diet and exercise.

These are two things that Iím not particular pleased to be doing but as you get older you notice a little squishing as you bend that wasnít there before so lets take a lazy manís look at it.

Ok, weíre not going to diet, you know Homerís axiom. You canít make friends with salad. So no diet, but there are a few things you can do to try and trick your body into thinking you are dieting.

  • Drink lots of water
    If youíre full you might eat less.

  • Give up the morning donut
    This one is hard but if you give up the AM pastry youíre on youíre way to a fitter you.

  • Donít clean your plate
    Your mom has had it in for you since birth. ďClean your plate, there are starving people in AfricaĒ. Iím not in Africa, and I donít know where to send my food, so I had to eat it. If you stop eating when youíre not hungry itís less to burn off with exercise.

  • Skip dessert
    Self explanatory, but very sad

  • Exercise:
    Just like dieting, we loathe exercise. I have a treadmill, it mocks me daily.

    To get rid of the layer of you need to lower your body fat percentage. About 30 minutes of cardio work 3 or 4 times a week would be good. Tennis, Walking, Bicycling even Basketball counts as exercise.

  • Crunches
    Would a few stomach crunches in the morning hurt. Yea, probably but it might help

  • Walking
    Itís not really exercise, and if you get one of the pedometer things (they give them to you with an adult happy meal at McDonalds) then you could almost call it exercise.

  • Fat Supplements
    They have lots of diet pills, one of them might work.

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