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Stay warm and save money
Oct 27, 2005, 13:45

Fuel Prices are out of control. Below are some tips culled from throughout the internet to save you a few dollars on you heating costs.

Tip #1:
A programmable thermostat can make your home toasty when you get up and get home from work and drop it to 60 degrees when nobody is around. It also combats you forgetting to lower it at night, because itís automatic!

Tip #2:
Simulate your hot water pipes. Pipe insulation keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool and makes your burner work a little less often.

Tip #3:
Calk, Caulk, Caulk. Caulk up your windows to keep air from sneaking through. If your windows are really bad you can get insulation plastic sheets that you apply with a hairdryer, keeping your home warmer.

Tip #4:
Hot water heaters should heat the water to 115-120 degrees. Lowering your hot water heater to not overheat your water can save lots of money. You can measure the temperature by putting a meat thermometer in the tub.

Tip #5:
How is the insulation in your attic? Install new insulation up to R-30 and cap some energy costs.

Tip #6:
Wrap that rascal! Wrap your water heater to help it keep more heat in and work a little bit less.

Tip #7:
Open draperies and shades in winter to let in sunshine.

Tip #8:
In homes with old radiators, try venting the air from the radiator. When radiators are filled with air and not water the boiler needs to work that much harder to get to a desired temperature.

Tip #9:
Have your furnace serviced by an experienced professional once a year.

Tip #10:
Keep fireplace damper closed when not in use.