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The Demise of the Twinkie (12 tasty examples)

Nov 19, 2012
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It appears as of this writing that an icon of American Life may be going away.

This is a loss not only to our generation, but also to future generations of junk food addicts. Foods like the twinkie surpass simply junk food and enter the realm of Americana.

Let us take a moment and remember the twinkie in television and cinema. Most can probably be found on youtube, I’m just too lazy to add the links…
  1. WALL-E has a Twinkie is sighted completely undecayed in its wrapper on WALL-E's truck 700 years after the Earth was rendered uninhabitable.

  2. Family Guy's second season episode entitled "Da Boom" has the Griffin family walking to a Twinkie factory in Natick, Massachusetts after a nuclear bomb explodes

  3. Zombieland depicts Tallahassee's never-ending quest for the Last Twinkie.

  4. Die Hard has John McClane almost becoming sick after eating a "thousand year old Twinkie" found in an under-construction floor of the Nakatomi Plaza building.

  5. Ghostbusters had twinkies used as a metaphor by Dr. Egon to convey the gravity of the threat to the Big Apple.

  6. The Jerk had Steve Martin’s protagonist Navin is served his favorite meal, Tuna fish salad on white bread with mayonnaise and a couple of Twinkies.

  7. UHF had "Weird Al" Yankovic's stuffing a hot dog into a Twinkie, calling it a "Twinkie wiener sandwich.

  8. Moneyball : Brad Pitt's character is chewing a twinkie before he fires Jeremy Giambi

  9. Iron Giant features Twinkies as Hogarth demonstrates you can never have too much creamy filling or ever get your fill of late night snacks and scary movies.

  10. All in the Family: In the episode “Sammy's Visit”, Archie Bunker offers Sammy Davis Jr. twinkies, and out of a fresh box!

  11. Harold and Kumar: "She calls you a WHAT??" "A twinkie... yellow on the outside, white on the inside." "Ha! Well listen up, Twinkie-Bitch!"

  12. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance includes a Twinkies as. A demon decays everything he touches, then he picks up a Twinkie, and nothing happens.

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