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Adding color to your life

Feb 5, 2012
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One of the milestones of getting old is when your hair (if you are lucky enough to hold on to it) turns salt and pepper.

I never really paid this much mind until I received a few comments from friends and my wife in particular about the salt in my hair and beard.

A common theme on TV comedies is the bad dye job, where EVERONE notices that youíve colored your hair and itís so hilarious they cue the laugh track. This is one of the reasons I opted not to deal with it. That, and I really didnít care about the grey.

This was until my wife ďcomplainedĒ that she colors her hair, why canít I (Iím sure there was more, but thatís about all I paid attention to).

So, on a whim in the local pharmacy I picked up 2 boxes of coloring, one for my hair, and one for my beard. This however wasnít the first time I have picked up a box.

About a year back I bought a box and in reading the directions it states to try a bit on the inside of your elbow, and then wait 3 days to see if there is a reaction.

Now, if youíre like me you lose interest in doing something pretty quick, especially something youíre not real invested in doing in the first place.

So, when I tried this a few months back I bought the box, and planned to give it a shot on a weekend, thereby if it was really bad I would at least have a couple of days to wash it clean to destroy the evidence. This is where the 3-day mandatory waiting period messed me up.

This time however I was determined, and having colored my arm months back with no chemical reaction I was ready to go.

The process for ďJust for MenĒ is pretty simple, mix it up, massage it in and wash it out.

After complete, it took care of most of the grey, which was good, because a little at the temples was fine.

I wondered what would everyone think, would they poke fun jabs at me? Would they laugh? The opposite turned out to be true however.

Not a word, nobody noticed. The wife noticed when I pointed it out, and the kids were unconcerned. It turns out that the absence of something is not as noticeable as the inclusion of the same element. My hair, as grey was a topic of conversation, but when this hideousness was covered, it went unnoticed.

Granted, I was not Taylor Hicks grey, but enough so people began to comment.

After a week of unnoticed attention I decided to move on to my beard.

The process for coloring the beard is more of a brush in than a massage, but essentially the same.

Surely this would be noticeable! Not so, only receiving mild acknowledgement from the wife and zero from the kids.

On the plus side of this whole process, it not only colors your hair, but it seems to make it a bit thicker as well, even if nobody notices.

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