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Sick days can mean fun in the sun.

Jul 19, 2005
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Not interested in going in to work?

According to a survey by, 20% of workers say they called into work sick because they just didnít feel like going into the office that day. Over 30% say they played hooky in the last year, some said they did it 3 or more times.

If you need to run some errands or get some sleep using a sick day is your ticket to happiness. Letís face it if youíre like most people you thing of sick days as an extension of your vacation days. Some dim bulbs will even try to schedule them in advance.

Only 38 per cent of US workers who call in sick are actually ill, a survey by CCH Inc, an Illinois human resources firm, has found.

Weíre here to up that percentage. Follow the links below to maximize your sick day usage.

Sick Day Calendar

Sick Day Excuse Generator

How to fool the boss when you call in

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