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Grey, fat and middle aged is no way to go through life.
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Is it so bad to be a girlie man?

May 23, 2005
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Are women the only ones that pamper themselves? I would say no. Even a fat balding guy like yourself can treat yourself to a little bit of softness.

Sure, you wouldn't be cought dead with this stuff in your college bathroom, but you're older and wiser now. Maybe it's time to experience what a full line of grooming and skincare products scientifically developed for the unique needs and characteristics of men can do for you.

Based on professional and dermatological-grade ingredients that deliver tangible benefits due to their functional nature.

These products even come in the skincare equivilant of a plain brown wrapper such as fancy packaging or marketing fluff.

MenScience Daily Body and Hair Kit contains a cleanser that leaves your skin and pores super clean, smooth, and refreshed.

The Microfine Face Scrub helps you deep clean, and prepare for shaving.

And the Post-Shave Repair is packed with serious functional ingredients to help repair, heal, and significantly improve skin conditions after shaving-plus its specially formulated with professional ingredients to combat ingrown hairs.

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

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